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When it comes to preventing pregnancy, you have a wide range of options for safe and effective birth control. Nurse practitioner Kelly Fussell and the professional team at My Urgent Care Clinic in Abilene, Texas offer several types of birth control methods. If you’re looking for the best birth control for your lifestyle, call My Urgent Care Clinic, schedule an appointment online, or walk in for expert advice.

Birth Control Q & A

What is birth control?

Sometimes called contraception, birth control includes various methods of preventing pregnancy. Some types of birth control use hormones to prevent women’s ovaries from releasing eggs, while others stop sperm from reaching the egg.

What are different types of birth control?

The team at My Urgent Care Clinic offers a full spectrum of birth control methods. Some of the most common types of birth control include:

  • Birth control pills: Commonly referred to as "the pill," this popular type of birth control is about 91% effective with typical use. You swallow a small tablet that contains hormones to prevent you from ovulating. Birth control pills only prevent pregnancy when you take them regularly. If you miss a day, that may decrease their effectiveness. If you decide you want to become pregnant in the future, the team at My Urgent Care Clinic can advise you on when to stop taking the pill.
  • Birth control patches and rings: The vaginal ring and birth control patch also release hormones that prevent ovulation, but they do it consistently through your skin. With these methods, you don’t have to remember to take a pill every day, but they’re still only 91% effective with typical use.

How do I know what birth control is right for me?

Choosing a birth control method can seem overwhelming, but the compassionate and professional team at My Urgent Care Clinic guides you through the process.

The skilled, knowledgeable team at My Urgent Care Clinic begins with a comprehensive physical exam and review of your medical history. Then, they may ask you questions about your lifestyle to further determine which birth control method best works for your individual needs. Once you decide, Ms. Fussell and her compassionate team can counsel you on how to properly use your birth control most effectively and answer any questions you may have.

For more information on birth control, call, book online, or walk into the clinic for an appointment.